We have out grown our old location, So we moved...


Our new location is :

518-D south main street

Shrewsbury Pa 17361

(Corner of Main Street and Onion Blvd) in the lower level of the Shrewsbury Learning Center (Blue Door)

(Parking lot is second left off Onion Blvd. from Main Street)


We don't have a sign on the building yet, but that is coming soon......


 We are officially open for business!!!! 


We've started a gofundMe account to assist in raising funds to improve our inventory selection. if you would like to help copy this into a new tab in your browser




Then email us from this site with the amount you are donating and we will email you back with a certificate good for discounts up to double your donation once we have verified it.

Example: if you donate $10.00 you will be able to take 10% off of purchases up to $200.00 worth of merchandise from us.

New Product Announcement from Lionel

Announced Today May 10, 2019 Lionel is now offering 4-4-0 Early american brass hybrid locomotives and 1860 style passenger cars 

Engines: York #17, Leviathan #63, UP #119, The Jupiter #60, Pilot Rogers (unpainted), and Pilot Schenectady (unpainted)

Passenger Cars (2 car sets) Northern Central Railway, Union Pacific,  Central Pacific, Woodruff parlor and sleeping car (no sound), and PRR coaches Coaches (all coach sets except ass noted have 1 coach with sound, and one without). 


These are build to order, orders must be placed by Sunday August 4, 2019. This is a one time production run.




On the Sesquicentennial of America's first Transcontinental Railroad, Lionel is proud to introduce the finest models available of some of the nation's most famous locomotives. When new replica locomotives were built for the National Park Service in 1974, extensive research was done to make them as accurate as possible. Later research further refined their paint schemes into the striking colors that we know today. Using the same drawings, David Kloke built a replica of Jupiter's sister, the Leviathan in 2009. York, for the Northern Central Railroad in Pennsylvania, followed in 2013. Together, these four locomotives keep the sights, sounds, smells and feel of railroading's most dynamic era alive for future generations.


  Hand crafted in brass and die-cast, and designed from original drawings of the present-day replica locomotives; each model is faithful to its prototype. With dozens of individually applied brass details, these models reflect the pride and craftsmanship shown by the original locomotive builders. Despite their small size, we were able to add LEGACY control to these locomotives! Due to high production costs and a small production run, these models will be available for one time only. These locomotives are truly history making models.




  • LEGACY Control - operate with LEGACY cab, TMCC Cab 1 or conventional transformer

  • Brass & Die-Cast construction

  • Maintenance free motor

  • Tethered drawbar to tender for additional electrical pick ups 

  • Link and pin coupler on tender (convertible to scale knuckle coupler if desired - coupler not included)

  • Illuminated LED headlight

  • Illuminated LED tender light on York

  • Cab figures

  • Individually numbered                                                                                                                                   

  • Length: 13.5”

  • Minimum Curve: O36


We have received a shipment of HO scale Polar Express starter sets from Lionel. 

We have received a shipment of Model Rocket Launch sets, rocket engines and re-stocked them.

Lionel Toy Train Day

December 1 2018 

Thank you to all those who came out in the rain, to attend our Toy train day event! Santa enjoyed speaking with the Children who were here. We have (Free) candy canes left over, so if you stop by between now and Christmas we will have a bowl of them out for customers to enjoy. For those who ordered the Lionel train day box cars,Thank you for your orders. We will call you when they arrive.

Due to GreatPlanes (Hobbico) going out of business we are currently searching for a new R/C aircraft supplier. We do still have inventory in this category.

In Addition to repairing trains we also install BCRs (Battery Component Replacements) in M.T.H. Trains, and BCR's with Charging circuits in Lionel trains requiring 9Volt battery as permanent battery replacements.

Here are some photos from The Md Boy's Choir Summer Camp from 2017.

The Photos are of the Boys attending the camp building the rockets, that were ordered from our shop.

Currently sold out - but to be restocked soon...


Now available for order (Sorry we are currently sold out): Bachmann's HO scale N.C.R.R. York #17, with N.C.R.R. Passenger Coaches, Baggage car, and Combine car.


HO York #17 Features: DCC with Sound and DC operation with sound (0-16VDC solid state non-pulsed transformer recommended), Working magnetic knuckle couplers (front of engine and back of tender), True to prototype color scheme, L.E.D. Headlamp, can motor, Die-cast frame for both engine and tender. 

DCC Features: 128 step speed control, full sound controls, with programming for automatic sound features in DC operation (automatic features are engine speed triggered when operating on DC power), Main-Line programmer compatible.

Passenger cars and Baggage car features: Blackened Brass wheels, magnetically operated knuckle couplers.

MSRP for Engine and Tender $319.00

MSRP for Passenger Cars $33.00 (Each)

Prototype consist is currently, Engine & tender, Combine car, and two coaches. According to our sources Steam Into History is planning to purchase an additional two cars in the future. One to be used as a parlor car, the other as a standard coach. Steam Into History does not own a baggage car, however when the PRR owned and operated the N.C.R.Y. their consists did include a baggage car. The PRR did own and operate an engine #17 that held the speed record for travel from York Pa. to Baltimore MD on the N.C.R.Y.


The New Freedom HO scale Train station Laser cut kit is sold out, but soon to be restocked.


Manager's Special: Buy the complete York 17 train and the New Freedom Train station kit in HO scale and get $40.00 off your purchase! 

Marklin, counter copy catalog now in store.

We can now order Marklin trains!

We Paint small statuary, here are some examples we've done.

Check the Product Announcements Section of our site for new product announcements.


If you know of a new product we don't list email us and let us know who makes it and their part #, and we will check to see if one or all of our suppliers offer it, and if they do we'll add it to the list.



We are Now an authorized Dealer for 

Redcat Racing!

3/16/2016 The 2016 LGB U.S. Catalog Now in Store!

We are constantly working on improving our in-stock position on Hobby supplies, Trains are far from the only thing we stock. We currently work with four major hobby wholesalers, and several small companies that offer specialized hobby products. New shipments are constantly being delivered.


We have one 2018 train photo calendar By Nathan Fergison in store it is priced at $15.00 

For helpful hints to maintain your model kits click here.

Free shipping on all special orders over $20.00 (orders less than $200.00 will ship with our monthly store shipments)

Please see the "About us" section of our site for a map, photos of our old building, and directions to our new location.



   When you call, if you should happen to get our voice mail, please speak slowly and as clearly as possible, we want to be able to give you a correct response. (We all know how difficult answering machine recordings can be to understand).


We accept Cash, ATM, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payments for orders and services.



We Have Donated one of the New Freedom Train Station kits for permanent display on the model train layout that is under construction at Steam Into History.


The Photo Below is of the York 17 and passenger cars sitting in front of the historic New Freedom Station.



Wanted: old toy trains,

if you are interested in selling your collection, contact us. We have customers who are looking to buy old toy trains, specifically trains by Lionel,  American Flyer, and Marx.


Toy Train Service

Brands Serviced:



American Flyer







And More....


Maintenance and repair service available for both current production and out-of-production models (including Pre WW1 Lionel, and A.C. Gilbert American Flyer).


We can now troubleshoot DCC HO scale trains


We are in the process of becoming a factory trained and authorized repair center for both Lionel and MTH trains.

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