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Train Collectors Association #22-76180

5/12/2024 - our brick and mortar store is now closed. We will still be doing train maintainance and repair service, and ordering product for customers, but we will not be stocking any inventiory. Please e-mail for directions on how to get repairs to us, and how to place orders.

5/12/2024 -  May 12th 2024 was our last day of store operations. Due to economic pressures we have closed our store.


To the loyal customers I've had since officially opening the store on October 24, 2014, Almoast made it to the 10 year mark! Thank you for supporting the business. It's been an adventure. I hope to reopen a store again at some point in the future, but it may be several years before that happens, if that happens. As the Star Wars character Yoda would say, "Difficult to see is the future,  always in motion It is". - David Gettle.



To everyone who has consignments in the store that have not sold, our auctioneer will be contacting you. To those who had items that have sold we will be settling all consignment sales after the auction of the store inventory, unless we have already made other arrangements.


To those with repairs, your repair will be completed, (as long as parts are available). You will be contacted when the repair is completed and I will make pick-up or delivery arrangements with you at that time.


We will be keeping our email address ( If anyone would like to place orders with us for specific products we will be happy to occomidate that. However all orders will be held until they reach a combined total of $350.00 before the orders will be submitted to our suppliers. Sorry our suppliers have minimum order requirements that must be reached before they will ship products. We will not be carrying any inventory on hand, as we will not have a facility to store products. We can only accept payment in the form of a check or money order (preferred), as we no longer have the ability to process credit or debit card payments.



We are happy to announce that as of March 6, 2024 we are a supplier for Southern York County Public Schools.

Important Notice about In Warranty repairs for Lionel Products!!


We've recieved notice from Lionel that all in-warranty repairs are now to be shipped directly to Lionel LLC for Service. If you are having issues with a Lionel train that is less than 1 year old, please contact Lionel LLC service department by email at, by phone at 704-454-4200 or by mail at: 


Lionel LLC

Attn: Customer Service
6301 Performance Drive
Concord, NC 28027

URGENT NOTICE for MTH customers: If you own a MTH O scale or larger engine check to see if you have a battery or BCR installed in it. If it has a battery get a BCR as soon as possible, when the battery fails it will destroy the circuit board in the engine! Please note, this only applies to Protosound 1 & 2 engines, Protosound 3 boards have an on-board BCR.


BCR1's are currently on order,  BCR2's are in stock, and on order.

Do you want to insure your collection?



you can find information at www.AmericanCollectors,com

We are now listed in the York County PA & Baltimore County MD Yellow Pages under "Hobby & Model Shops"


Here are some photos from The Md Boy's Choir Summer Camp from 2017.

The Photos are of the Boys attending the camp building the rockets, that were ordered from our shop.

We Paint small statuary, here are some examples we've done.

For helpful hints to maintain your model kits click here.

Please see the "About us" section of our site for a map, photos of our old building.



   When you call, if you should happen to get our voice mail, please speak slowly and as clearly as possible, we want to be able to give you a correct response. (We all know how difficult answering machine recordings can be to understand).


We accept Cash, Check, and Money Orders for product orders and services.



We Have Donated one of the New Freedom Train Station kits for permanent display on the model train layout that is under construction at Steam Into History.


The Photo Below is of the York 17 and passenger cars sitting in front of the historic New Freedom Station. 

Toy Train Service

Brands Serviced:


Lionel (pre war and Post war) current production units must be retuened to lionel for service.

Broadway Limited Imports

A. C. Gilbert American Flyer

Bachmann (Non DCC only)






and more... 


MTH BCR installation and cleaning, for anything else please contact MTH for a referral to a local service technician.



Maintenance and repair service (assuming we can get any necessary parts) 


We can now troubleshoot DCC HO scale trains.



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