This Photo and information about the building's past uses were provided by the New Freedom Heritage Museum.


Reehling Grocery and Provisioning Store, was later replaced by The New Freedom Laundry mat, and Mama's Pizza (when it took on it's current configuration), then by Paesano's Pizza. Finally the building is now the Home of D. E. Gettle Hobby LLC.


New Freedom Heritage (which operates the New Freedom Heritage Museum) is currently researching the building in the attempt to find out how old the structure actually is and if it had any uses prior to Reehling Grocery and Provisioning Store. The photo above had no information about when the photo was taken or the age of the building at the time.


I know from personal memory that in the late 1960's my Great Aunt used the back portion of the building (it had an attached garage at that time) to store her 1965 Pontiac Executive. How she managed to back that behemuth into the garage without hitting the builing accross the alley is beyond me - David Gettle.

These were found in the store today, 6/28/2014, the partial cancelled check is from July, 17, 1919